Mid Life Career Change: Madness or Promising Opportunity

Many of us are facing the many challenges encountered while going through life and our highly evolving environment. In my case just like millions of employees around the world, finally reached the midlife age stage and continuously face a very complex social and economic environment.

After a long-life career in the Lending industry I realize that never my experience and knowledge have been so sharp; today I can say that I’m at the top of my game. Due to my current business activities as a Freelance Senior Underwriter and Business consultant I’m continuously retained by Lenders, Private Investors, Entrepreneurs and Realtor/Brokers which allows me to gauge my level of knowledge and experience when my clients request my services to develop very complex projects.

You may be wondering how all of the above relates to the title of my article and here is the answer.

There are many valuable and productive people out there, many of them find themselves working for minimum wage salaries or doing jobs nobody else wants. But they all have one thing in common:

They are at the top of their game! The experience and knowledge they have gained overtime makes them a valuable asset for any organization “willing” to acknowledge their potential and true value.

The cold truth is that most organizations have inexperienced people running their Human Resources departments and many times their internal policies avoid older people under the false assumption that their ability to be productive will be compromised due to their age.

So my inspiration to write this article was this group of people who are in their Midlife career stage and are eager to find some sort of opportunity to leverage their knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities out there.

Over 16 years ago I met David M. a former director of a Commercial Mortgage Banker based in Houston. I was recovering form a back injury and my doctor advised a career change was necessary due to my new limitations. At some point during an informal phone conversation I mentioned to David my situation and my obvious concerns. After exchanging different ideas he asked me if I would be willing to learn the basics on Commercial Loans and Business Finance. I said yes and today I know it was the best decision I ever made.

I found in the lending industry a life changing career opportunity and today after almost 17 years still enjoy the rewards of a highly productive professional activity.

The many benefits and rewards I have received over these many years inspired me to share my experience and knowledge. So I developed a simple tool that any person, even those with no previous experience or knowledge in the Lending industry can easily learn the basics of Commercial Real Estate Finance and start a productive and rewarding career change. My publication can be found in Amazon books under the title “Commercial Real Estate Finance: Training for Newbies.”

Maybe some of you are wondering if a Mid Life career change is Madness or a Promising Opportunity: Well the difference is if you don’t do anything to improve your life or if you decide to take a few steps further and decide to pursue a Promising Opportunity. Stay away from Sales and multilevel schemes that will never get you anywhere.

If you feel like you are willing to give it a try, maybe you can consider the Lending industry as a legit source of income and a tangible career change opportunity.

It worked for me and if you have the determination and discipline to reach your personal goals, this is a great option.

Bottom line: Is never to late! Your life can improve and the opportunities are out there, you just need to go get them.

Be blessed and I wish you a great success!


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