Online Weight Loss Programs – Go or Not To Go

Nowadays we do everything on-line: we are shopping on-line, dating, reading books, studding and getting degrees, communicating with family, friends, colleges trough chats, emails, on-line calls, we are doing business conferences and meetings through Skype and even watching TV on-line. It looks like our life is getting more and more virtual. Fitness has organically integrated in this new virtual culture as well. It’s a paradox how a physical activity could be so well channeled through such intangible realm as internet. However online weight loss programs are part of our today reality and they definitely make our life much easier and dynamic. And they work!

I remember my excitement of having videotapes with Cindy Crawford fitness trainings years ago. To have a great work out in front of your own TV in privacy of your own room, when you don’t need to go anywhere! Just make a time for yourself and dedicate it to exercising and not to commute to the sports club. It was so refreshing! As for a busy mom those days these video tapes with a good quality professionally designed fitness programs were an encouraging opportunity for me to stay in shape. And it was precisely what helped me to get back to shape after my pregnancy and birth of my daughter.

Now internet made it even easier and offers a wide variety of online weight loss programs. They usually come along with lots of useful nutritional information, weight loss meal plans, lists of healthy foods and recipes, fitness tips, videos, lifestyle advises – all in one site for our convenience.

In spite some people can say that Internet is a substitute of a real life, I am so grateful for this fantastic new tool of communication and knowledge available on our fingertips anytime and almost anywhere. You can learn anything on-line! It’s a huge benefit of nowadays. So, let’s use it wisely, in fullest and for the best.

I, as wellness professional myself that runs Fitness Centers and Spas for years, probably should be worry about internet intervention into my professional field, but I realize that it is natural and inevitable process. As well I should admit that it was helpful for me too. I personally use and benefit from online weight loss programs. They give me freedom to build my own workouts on my preference. Being very independent and curious by nature I prefer to choose my routines myself and to decide when and how to schedule my workouts depending on my priority list. Of course, it could be a challenge of commitment here, because in case of online weight loss program you and only you are responsible to follow up and stick with the program till you achieve your weight loss or fitness goal. Yes, we still may need motivation, but we can use forums on the online weight loss program site and reach for support as well give out a support for others (which work for me as magic giving me strong boost of determination to press forward in my own program).

My first reason why I am a fan of online weight loss programs is because they are absolutely time saving. They also help to prevent any boredom because of lots of variety available in there. Today excellent trainers and nutrition experts put together their conceptual fitness programs and we can learn first hands from them. For fitness and wellness professionals opportunity to create and lunch online programs is a way to reach for more customers, while for us, customers, is an advantage to have precious advises and practically personal fitness coaching for so much more reasonable cost. We have access to same professional knowledge, same wisdom, but saving our money and time! For me it looks like win-win situation.

So, what to expect from online weight loss programs and how to choose?

Programs could be designed for a specific goal, sex or age group, specific health condition, or they could be more versatile. Begin with Google search, checking out 3-4 different programs. Read couple reviews about them; see what other people have to say. Check references of the author of the program. Also, remember that a good one program will always have a money-back guarantee, so it will be no risk involved in case you figure out later that you don’t like it. Look for the program that has chat or forum available for you could communicate with other folks may you have any questions or need some support and encouragement. Some programs offer a membership which is a very good option, because you will be a part of a virtual community with similar goals and challenges where you can share your experiences. These types of memberships are dynamic and regularly have updates with new information available on site. After considering all the above, choose the program that you feel more affinity with.

Just one more advice: once you choose your program, focus and stay with it for a while until you learn well all materials and went through all recommended techniques and routines. Don’t jump from one program to another without completing them, it could create confusion and discouragement and lower your chances to get the results you are looking for. There is no rash here; new programs will be always available online, waiting for you to be ready for the next step.


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