Pinemeadow Golf – Double Wall Driver Review

I purchased a 360 cc Pinemeadow Golf manufactured double wall driver in February, and have been able to play several rounds of golf with it now. The club design is unique in the golf industry. While everyone else is trying to move weight to the perimeter of the club and lower the center of gravity, Pinemeadow Golf designed this club head with the weight forward and a higher center of gravity. It gets its “double wall” name from a second face of titanium behind the club head face. This re-enforces the face of the club and produces what they refer to as a “power chamber”. This design actually reduces the “trampoline” effect that thin faced clubs are touting, but it increases the rebound effect of modern golf balls and creates a face that reacts solidly even on off center shots. These clubs come standard with an Adila designed graphite shaft with a mid kick point. These clubs meet all USGA standards and are legal to play in tournaments. Recently, they came out with a 400cc version of this club design, which is more in line with the larger club heads everyone is wanting to play these days.

There are several differences I have noticed between this club and my square driver. First off, the club head size has about a quarter less volume than my square golf club. The second difference I immediately noticed is it sounds solid when you hit a golf ball. The”tin can” sound you get with the 460cc drivers is gone. The third noticeable difference is the roll of the face of this club. There is a very noticeable curvature to the face of the double wall driver. This feature creates what is termed “gear effect”. If you hit the ball on the toe, it tends to put draw spin on the ball, and conversely, if you hit the ball on the heal, it puts fade spin on the ball. Theoretically, this will help you hit the ball straighter. Lastly, the ball has a lower flight than with my square golf clubs.

Right now, I am still adjusting to the head size of this driver, but I can say that when I hit this club in the middle of the club face, I get better distance mainly from better roll. The carry distance might be a little less than my square driver. If I hit the ball way on the toe, or way on the heel, I probably get less distance than my square golf club. I love the sound this club makes when you make solid contact and I do like the traditional shape of this club…it looks good at address.

My perception of this club right now is that you need to use a lower compression golf ball like the Pro V1 to maximize the rebound effect off the club face. Secondly, I feel you need to consistently hit this club near the center of the face…I seem to lose a lot of distance on the toe or heel shots. Overall, I do like the club and will keep it in my bag this summer. Maybe I’ll pull a Phil Mickelson and play two drivers this year!


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