Reserveline Police Ground Is Emerging As a Place of Attraction in Madurai

Reserveline police ground is one of the highly acclaimed sporting grounds in India. Located in Madurai, Reserveline police ground is emerging as an important travel destination in Tamil Nadu. To reach here, you can start from Madurai International Airport. From the airport, if you take the route towards the east, you will get it en-route. This is the end point of your joinery. As the name suggests, the gourd is reserved for police selections. To be more precise, Reserveline police ground is an important venue for taking fitness test for police recruitment. Candidates interested in getting a job in Tamil Nadu Police must come here for his ground test. The ground can boasts of a well-maintained Ground in India. It is well-organized with football ground, volleyball court and basketball court. Vastness and proper arrangement are the two important aspects of this ground. Beautiful landscaping, planned plantation and proper maintenance have made it a wonderful thing in Madurai.

If you go to travel Madurai, you can pay a visit to this gourd. You are sure to enjoy it. Its beauty and vastness will make you happy. As it is an important ground used for police selections, the use of it for other purposes is restricted. Prior permission from Tamil Nadu Police is required for using it. To get it for conducting sport events, you need to seek permission from Tamil Nadu Police. Once it is approved, you can use it. There are some important schools conducting sports day events and other school tournament after receiving permission from the concerned department. The place is dotted with police quarters, collectors’ bungalow and some other government quarters. If you come here at any occasion, don’t forget to pay a visit at nearby Mariamman Temple. The temple is popularly known Vandiyur Mariamman Temple. Located in the east of Madurai city, this temple offers a spectacular view with its huge pond named Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam. Named after the Hindu Goddess of rain to Mariamman, this temple stands as the one of the holy places for asking something to the almighty.

Reaching Reserveline police ground from Madurai International Airport is not difficult. Lots of cabs are available. The distance from airport to Reserveline police ground, is not more than 12 Km. You need not spend more than 26 minutes to cover this distance. Needless to say, now many important national and international level games are played here. If you are a true beauty seeker interested in enjoying beautiful sights, you can choose Madurai as an important tourist destination option and Reserveline police ground as the indispensable part of it. You are sure to enjoy its natural phenomenon, picturesque landscape and green beauties all round. A distant view of Reserveline police ground appears to be a perfect emerald beauty.


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