Secrets to Help You Find Your Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money and unclaimed property searches are conducted by most Americans on an a biannual basis. Unfortunately if the search is not done thoroughly you may miss money owed to you. With over $25 billion in unclaimed money in the United States most people are owed money, or they find one of their immediate family members is owed money!

Here are 5 secrets to help ensure you find your unclaimed money:

1 – Search for variations of your name

For example a person named William J. Smith may have money under W. Smith, Bill Smith, W J Smith, etc. Search all possible name variations to ensure the unclaimed money account was not listed under a variation of your name.

2 – Look in ALL state and federal databases

The missing funds are reported in state and federal databases. You may have money in any of the over 54 databases. Even if you have only lived in one state you may still have money in another states database. If you were owed money from a life insurance policy from a company in New York, that company may report the money in the New York state database. An inheratance may be in the benefactor’s state database. If you search only your state of residency you may miss money owed to you.

3 – Know all past addresses of the person whose name you are searching

When you do a missing money search you will be given the results that match the searched name. The results may not all be an accurate match. You will have to search the results based on name and past address or account information. It could be under any address the person had in their lifetime.

4 – Use a quality, all-in-one database

To search all state and federal databases would take a tremendous amount of time and you would most likely give up before you completed all of the searches. It is much more efficient to use an all in one database. There are many of these databases but make sure you use a QUALITY database. What makes a “QUALITY” database? A quality database is one that is constantly updated, which will update new missing money accounts reported and will remove claimed accounts. It will also include ALL state and federal databases.

There is a site called that includes 30 states and is updated frequently. Cash Unclaimed’s site includes over 54 databases and has round the clock research team dedicated to updates for the database. Cash Unclaimed is the only site with the patent pending Name Match technology. Name match will automatically search all name variations of the searched name! This takes the work out of it for the user.

5 – Follow through with the claim process for all found money accounts

Once you locate money owed to you print the necessary forms and make the copies of the ID’s or documents needed to process the claim. Usually the required forms are driver’s license or a death or birth certificate and you may need to fill out a claim form or two. This process should only take you about 15 minutes or so. Then send in the claim forms! If the claims forms aren’t sent in you’ll never get the money that’s owed to you.

Following these simple tips when searching for your share of the nation’s unclaimed money will greatly increase your found accounts and make sure none are overlooked. Search and find how much is owed to you today!

Cash Unclaimed is the largest unclaimed property database and was founded to assist owners in easily locating and claiming their lost funds. The site offers more information on unclaimed money and a free search at


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