Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs

Social media is a fantastic, low-cost opportunity for visibility and brand awareness. Even if you’ve been using it for a while, there is always something you can learn about social media that can help boost your business. Here are my five top tips for essential social media marketing. These are applicable across various platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Tip #1. Show Up

It’s important to show people that you are really there. Automated posts have their time and place, but nothing can replace human interaction – even on the internet. Respond to questions, make comments, and react to other people’s posts.

Tip #2. Keep Positive

Don’t get dragged down in arguments. Try to ignore nasty comments, and especially avoid showing anger or making threats. You will only fan the flames. Instead, gently remind people that your social media channels are intended to be a safe space for all and that unkind remarks aren’t welcome. You can always block or delete trolls if necessary.

Tip #3. You Be You

People can always tell an impostor from the real thing. It’s good to have role models. It’s important to use spell-check too! But you should always let your real personality shine through. It’s the best way to attract like-minded prospects.

Tip #4. Simple is Better

Brevity is the soul of wit, and that goes double on social media. Keep Twitter and Instagram posts to less than 140 characters, including hashtags. Posts for LinkedIn and Facebook can be longer, but remember that previews only show a line or two, so get to the point fast.

Tip #5. Go Visual

Photos, graphics, videos, GIFs and other visual media make a bigger impact than mere words. Bonus points if the visuals are yours. E.g., if you’re a coach, post a Vine of yourself saying something encouraging instead of some stranger.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that social media marketing is real marketing. It’s not something you should hand over to your friend’s teenager just because she’s got a couple thousand followers on Instagram. Using social media for business is very different than using it for fun, and should be approached with the same rigor you would apply to any marketing campaign.

Your online business manager can create a strategy for your social media marketing, find content creators, and can manage your tech team as they automate your postings via a single control hub.


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