Honda Civic – Successful in All Markets

Since more than four decades, Honda Civic has proved an inspiration for car designers. In fact, it is the second longest continually produced Japanese vehicle in North America. Known for its fuel economy, sporty looks and regular enhancement, Honda Civic has proved equally successful in all markets. It is also one of those few cars which has not only managed to retain top ratings in its class but also challenged higher class vehicles. Such rapid transformation has allowed Civic engineers to overtake its competitors and prove worthy competitor to its much larger cousin, Honda Accord. In 2000, it was reclassified as compact car instead of sub compact car.

The Original Honda Civic

The first Honda Civic was a small car sold in 1973. Bucket seats, power disk brakes, standard AM radio and fuel economy proved instant hit with customers. Onwards, Civic continued its winning streak by proving a highly reliable model which didn’t have all the luxuries but could tackle harsh conditions. It was this reliability that helped increase sales, until 1988. By the end of 80’s, it was becoming increasingly evident that face-lift was needed to remain successful.

Major Changes

Consequently, the fourth generation Honda Civic, in 1988, contained fully independent rear suspension, increased dimensions and lower hood line. Consumers were impressed by new design features prompting engineers to introduce yet another version, three years later. The new redesigned Civic included a superior 1.6 L DOHC VTEC engine of nearly 160 hp. Also, improved aerodynamic styling, fuel efficiency and sporty looks, once again, convinced consumers to pay for additional price.


Next four years saw Japanese car makers concentrating on quality therefore modifications was rare but its fame as one of the most reliable cars, remained its trump card. On the arrival of 21st century, Honda City took a giant leap by introducing flat rear floors that automatically promoted it from sub compact class category to compact class category. Moreover, a more powerful VTEC engine and certain other features had already made it more classier than its major international rival, Toyota Corolla. Nowadays, Honda Civic is known for its futuristic looks and technology that have become the basis of success for other popular Honda versions including Acura, CRV and compact SUV.


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