The Buhari, Sowore ‘Circuit Felony Show ‘ In Nigeria

You and I know that Omoyele Sowore, a Nigerian, human rights activist, journalist, pro-democracy campaigner, is presently the main man trending across the globe.

Good copy online, bad copy for Nigeria, my beloved country. Sowore, founder of Saharareporters, an online news portal was arrested by DSS operatives August 3, 2019.

Since then, the radical man, who was arrested for planning to shut down Nigeria with his RevolutionNow, nationwide protest has been his cooling his feet in the detention facilities of the Nigerian secret police.

Born February, 16, 1971, in Ondo state, south-west Nigeria, Sowore, a graduate of University of Lagos, and Columbia University, contested for the last presidential election on the platform of the African Action Congress and lost to Buhari.

But, he is the one that has been trending in the conventional and social media in the last couple of month and world leaders in developed and developing countries are watching, waiting and praying for Buhari to do the needful.

The needful is off-course for the Nigerian government to order DSS to release Sowore in obedience to court orders.

Off-course you and I know the reason why this radical publisher of saharareporters is trending.

Nigerian government with Muhammadu Buhari, as the president, said Sowore planned to topple the present regime with his revolutionary now nationwide protest.

Can Sowore, a bloody civilian, who was the presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (ACC) in the last election, were he scored a mere 33, 953 votes, nationwide, which came to 0.12% of the votes cast, overthrow major-general Muhammadu Buhari.

Based on reports, Sowore and The Punch newspaper were ‘used’ by the same APC to topple the government of Goodluck Jonathan. I do not have the facts and cannot therefore confirm this.

It is payback time now to the Saharareporters and his co-travelers. Is it a used and dumped issue?

But, last week, Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri, executive director, Spaces-for-change, told journalists, activists and others in Lagos, that the Buhari-led regime is fast seen to be degenerating to dictatorship in words and deeds in recent times.

At the event, she called on the Muhammadu Buhari-led government to re-connect to her pledge to the international community and citizens to uphold human freedom and values.

Ibezim-Ohaeri said that as captured by under the platform of The Action Group On Civic Space, which S-4-C is one of the members, stated that there is an alarming record of targeted attacks on dissenting voices.

Her words: “Human rights defenders, protesters, journalists, and activists like: Dadiya, Agba Jalingo, IG Wale, Omoyele Sowore, James Abiri, have been forcefully kidnapped, shot, maliciously arrested, detained and slammed with all sorts of charges.

But, the truth is: Can Sowore, a bloody civilian has the capacity and the audacity beyond the protest to overthrow the government of major-General Muhammadu Buhari? I do not think so. Infact, the radical journalist cannot.


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