Top 5 Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India

Women in India have come a long way from being just ‘homemakers’. The world now sees them with a different eye and a new respect. Women entrepreneurship in India has come a long way from women working only part time.

Successful women entrepreneurs in India have made their presence felt in every field be it the world of politics, music, fashion, movies and entertainment or business. Hindu scriptures defines women as the embodiment of ‘Shakti’ and she lives up to image every time, whether it is problem solving at home or running a successful business.

Here we have listed 5 of the most successful women entrepreneurs in India who continue to inspire us with their versatile abilities, persuasiveness, problem solving abilities, willingness to take chances and risks and the ability to motivate people around them.

Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw: Also known as the ‘Biotech Queen’ of India, Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is listed in the Forbes magazine as 50 most powerful women in International Business. Starting with a capital of just Rs.10,000 with her garage as her office, she made her first product in the year 1978. Her company Biocon has since then touched new height in the field of biotechnology. An active social activist she is a true role model for aspiring entrepreneurs in India

Indira Krishnamurthy Nooyi: No list of successful women entrepreneurs in India is complete without the mention of Indira Nooyi, the CFO and president of PepsiCo. Her ability to make quick decision and tenacity to follow up has enabled her to make PepsiCo one of the biggest brands in the market today. Indira Nooyi is listed as the fourth most powerful women in the world by Forbes Magazine.

Ekta Kapoor: We all have a love hate relationship with the famous “saas-bahu” serials on the Television but we cannot at any level ignore them. This bubbly and extremely professional creative director of Balaji Television has won the hearts of millions of Indian women. She is one of the most dynamic and successful women entrepreneurs in the Indian television industry. Also known as the ‘Queen of Indian Television Industry’ she started her career in with the sit-com Hum Panch. According to her the reason of her success is to be closely involved with all the aspects of the serial including picking up the artists herself.

Neelam Dhawan: When we are discussing the successful women entrepreneurs in India we cannot leave the leading name in the IT sector out of it. Neelam Dhawan, Managing director of Microsoft India, has carved a special niche for herself in the IT industry. She looks after the company’s sales and marketing division of the country in India.

Shahnaz Hussain: She is a part of this list of one of the top women entrepreneurs in India because she started form nothing and has made her company, Shahnaz Hussain Herbals a $100 million enterprise. She broke the traditional advertising myths and the popularity of her company is solely due to mouth-to-mouth publicity only. Shahanz was awarded the Padma Shri by the Govt. of India in 2006.


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