Career and Job Search in Today’s Economy

A career and job search in today’s economy can be downright intimidating. Here are some places in the economy where there are still more jobs available. Has your company been hit hard by the economic troubles of the world? Many people are facing pay cuts and outright unemployment thanks to the financial difficulties of the past few years. This leaves a number of people looking for a job or sometimes a better paying job. Here are some tips for the best places to look for a job in today’s economy.

Old School

People like their conveniences and though they may discontinue many luxuries, they still want water, gas and electricity. Public utilities are a great place to look for work in any economy. Railroads, mining and logging industries also tend to keep their staff through tough times; in fact, many times they will redouble their efforts in a tough economy.

Nursing and Medical

For many years the nursing field has been understaffed a condition that continues even during this crisis. One thing that is different today is the fact that baby boomers are all aging out, this means many of them are retiring from various fields, medical included, plus they are in more need of medical assistance themselves. It is kind of a double edged sword, but one that leaves many job opportunities open for anyone interested in the rewarding yet demanding field of medicine.


Unbelievably there are locations in the country that are still hotbeds for economic activity. In non-technical language, this means there are jobs aplenty in some areas of the country or even the world. Take for instance North Dakota, just a couple of years ago they reported over 13,000 jobs that needed filling. Other places that could benefit from American employees are Australia and even Dubai. Not everyone will be interested in traveling to far off places, but if it has always been your dream to travel and you need work either of these areas may have plenty to offer.

Accounting Firms

Who would have thought there was an industry in this country that was so understaffed that a recession would have to last five years or more for them to catch up? Accounting is one such field; in firms across the country, hiring has been more than steady. There are those accounting skills that are more hirable than others so it is a good idea to conduct a little research and brush up on any areas that look promising.

There are Still Jobs

During the worst of times, there are still jobs to be had, they may be tougher to find and you might have to relocate but desperate times can call for desperate measures. Take a little time to research the possibilities if you are in need of a new career path. You might have to take a course or two or even work on training for an entirely new job, but this too can have its advantages. Think about it, now instead of having one skill set you will have two or more.


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