Help Desk Services

Any production, supplying, banker, manufacturer, sales company or any customer oriented organization takes care of customers. The business concerns are competing with their competitors. They are competing with product, quality as well as service providing. When customers are paying for, they also want all in one stuff i.e. quality, support, delivery and service. So who is there to serve customers? They are help desk executives. The help desk provides technical as well as non technical helps to the customers. In broad sense help executives are two types, general and specific. General support services are provided for customer satisfaction, relationship building, retaining customer for future deals etc. Where as the specific supports are installing product or device, technical aspect, trouble shootings, warranty coverage, regular servicing etc. The help services are provided either by the direct company or outsourced to the third party company. Whoever is the help service provider, it has to appoint a number of help desk executives for different customers. Help desk service executives are trained by the first companies. They update the knowledge, technology to the support executives, so that they can aware and guide to the customer.

The process of help desk service starts from the training, knowledge sharing among the support service members. They know the database of customers, product, and service methods. They have adequate infrastructure for communication, sitting arrangement, computers, internet, tools etc. for customer service. A team has to work under a supervisor and they provide each service under a quality check. They maintain record of services, client feedback, issues etc. This record helps them as different case studies for future support.

Help desk support center has a Knowledge Base that is a searchable library of useful information, records of resolved case, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and other support information. They use this knowledge for new customers studying the old cases from the record. The service proving practice makes an executive expert in a particular domain.


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