School Sports Tours to Barbados – Everything’s Cricket!

If there was ever a place that can be considered a paradise for cricket aficionados it’s Barbados! Just imagine, a Caribbean island filled people who understand what makes cricket fans passionate about the sport- sun, sand and a warm climate, not to mention like-minded natives who appreciate cricket’s appeal!

With cricket being the national sport of Barbados (not to mention the whole West Indies) it is no wonder that thousands of cricket fans – Barbadians (or Bajans), other West Indians and visitors from all over the world – flock to this small island to watch the world-class matches at Kensington Oval. It’s the kind of experience that any budding cricket player shouldn’t miss, and a good reason to schedule school sports tours to Barbados. After all, this easternmost island of the Caribbean is considered on of the world capitals of cricket- contributing greatly to the rosters of cricket greats such as Ian Bradshaw and Corey Colleymore.

Cricket in the Caribbean Sun

A temperate climate of year-round sunshine and the local passion for cricket make Barbados one of the best Caribbean destinations for cricket-focused school sports tours. Training matches and invitational games with the various local leagues, as well as other visiting teams, can be interspersed with days of relaxation on the beach and fun water sports. There’s definitely a lot that can be learned from the local players- whether it’s about playing cricket or having fun!

Almost every day is cricket time in Barbados. There’s always a great game of cricket to watch, or better still to take part in, whether it’s the International Test Match or One-Day at Kensington Oval, a local First Division match, or a friendly game with local players on the beach. Whatever kind of game it is, enthusiastic cheering and festivities always follow. The local players and residents’ pure, unadulterated joy in the game is one of the most lasting memories students can take away with them.

The home of Sir Garfield Sobers, Wes Hall, the late Keith Boyce, Desmond Haynes, Gordon Greenridge and David Allen, the island’s rich history in the game makes for fascinating learning. One of the places that shouldn’t be missed on school sports tours is the Legends of Barbados Cricket Museum. It is situated inside the historic Herbert House, not far from Kensington Oval, and you experience a glimpse of the glorious past of the Barbados cricket greats, as well see some great cricket memorabilia.

Other Island Favourites

While cricket is certainly the glamour girl of the island, rugby, hockey, football, netball and basketball players won’t have to feel left out on Barbados school sports tours. Matches for these sports against some great local teams can also be scheduled. Young sportspeople can put up a good fight in their chosen discipline and then experience the congeniality of some post-match Bajan hospitality.

As well as sports activities, there is plenty else on the island to entertain youngsters. Whether they want to explore the shops, laze on the beaches or socialise with new found local friends, some of the most unforgettable moments on Barbados are after the games- camaraderie and great times are always assured.


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