Luxury Cruises – There is One For Everybody

The people who like fine things in life and can pay for them will gain full satisfaction from these top of the line, state of the art cruises. The luxury accommodation is usually double the price of the economy class. You will be served by the top chefs, get the top room service and other facilities. The ship may have a compliment of 100 to 2500 sailors. The dress code is formal at dinner with tuxedos and gown clad clientele.

The Crystal Cruises offer impeccable services and fine dining. They offer itineraries where you will drive a formula one car at Monte Carlo or a fly a Fighter Jet. There are other unique onboard classes – these are called Creative Learning Institute. You will earn about estate planning, Chinese painting, take acting classes, etc. They have a 1080 passenger ship and a 940 passenger ship which sail to the Mediterranean and Northern Europe with many options.

The Cunard offers the Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Mary 2. You travel like a royalty and there is no expense spared to give you that experience. They ships are palatial with their sweeping staircases and spas, etc. The performers are none other than the members of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. The company offers 10 – 15 day Mediterranean, Scandinavian and European cruises. These ships take one to the golden era of Hollywood movies where the grandeur has been recorded and immortalized forever.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, SeaDream Yacht Club and Silversea Cruises are a few other European cruises you can enjoy in the lap of luxury.


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