The Alliance by Gerald N Lund: Good, Clean Entertainment

The Alliance is Gerald N. Lund’s best contribution to the literary world. He is perhaps better known for his series, “The Work and the Glory,” which follows the lives of a fictional family as they join the newly founded Mormon church. The Alliance, however, leaps from historical fiction into post-apocryphal science-fiction and is quite frankly more interesting than his more famous work.

Like most post apocalyptic fiction, the novel is set in a ravaged world. War has left the once mighty nation almost completely devoid of life. Only a handful of people here and there have survived. They have learned to scavenge, hunt, or farm. They have managed to gather only in small, tribe-like groups. However, one city has survived and, using its advanced technology, seeks to unite all tribes under its own power.

Although Lund’s prose lacks fluency, the story is intriguing. The action begins in the first chapter and picks up pace quickly so that by the end of the climax your heart is racing and you are breathing hard. That is certainly reason to commend Lund. Surely, there is nothing worse than a slow beginning in a book. If in the first 50 pages there is no action of any kind then it is hard to imagine how it could be worth reading. In The Alliance, the reader is so caught up in the story that he has not time to guess what is going to happen next. He may gather clues and begin to suspect something, but then he is immediately sucked into the proceeding events.

If one were to chart character development the same way as one charts a story’s plot, the main characters in The Alliance would follow a standard plot. There is a good guy, a bad guy, and a girl who becomes a love interest. The good guy makes some mistakes, but in the end, he defies the bad guy and gets the girl. The relationship between character and reader is just enough to keep the action moving. However, if you are looking for a book with intriguing, complex characters, this is not the book for you.

Overall, The Alliance is a fun, quick read. It is perfect for anyone who likes science fiction and high action books. While it gives some food for thought, it is not meant for deep thinking. This makes it appealing for a large range of readers. The content, too, is clean and young reader friendly. If you are looking for good entertainment, I highly recommend The Alliance by Gerald N. Lund.


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