Horse Racing Systems – The Snare – A Review

Sports World Publications have just launched a new horse racing system they have named “The Snare”. It has been developed by Terry Sparkes who has been responsible for several successful systems in the past.

It makes a welcome change to have a good system which concentrates on finding winners rather than laying losers. It is true that there are some good laying systems that can make regular profits but each successful bet can only give a return of evens, less the Betfair commission. Successfully picking winners gives a much better return. Although finding the winner of a race is far harder than selecting losers.

In “The Snare”, Sparkes uses a “Dutching System” which involves betting on more than one horse in each race to find the winner. The system finds good priced winners when the low priced favourites fail to win. The selection process only involves the first four races of the day, often only one of those four races will meet the criteria and provide a bet.

I have not “paper tested” this system myself but am relying on the past results posted by Sports World Publishing. As one of the more reliable of the companies specialising in horse racing systems I have no trouble in accepting their proof. Since the 1st October 2008 using a level stake of £50 the system has generated a profit of £17,500. This involved 119 bets of which 79 were successful giving a return of £25,804 and 40 losing bets which lost £8,210 producing an overall profit of £17,594. The biggest priced winner during the test period was priced at 42/1 which is impressive as I can’t remember the last time I had a winner priced at over 40/1.

Because you are only looking at four specific races a day it does not take very long to make your selection which can be done well before racing starts. I can see no reason why “The Snare” should not work for other than the first four races of the day but this is something that could be tested later.

There will be occasions when the market will have an inadequate liquidity for a particular horse. In this case you may have to place your bets with a bookmaker. Because of Terry Sparkes reputation many punters will be eager to try “The Snare” given the large amounts wagered on Betfair for each race it should not normally affect the price of the selections.

However, I do have some reservations about diving in and using the suggested staking level of £50 a bet from the beginning. For this level of staking you would need a starting bank of between £2,500- £5,000. A far more sensible approach would be to begin with a level stake of £5 a bet. For this you would only need a bank of around £250- £500 to get going. Providing the system works as expected you could then increase your level stake as your bank rises.

The publishers claim that “The Snare” is an ideal system to use with a Betting Bot, a software program designed to automate your betting. If you are a fan of auto systems such as “The Grey Horse Bot” then this might be a system that will interest you. As with most of the other Sportsworld products they and Terry Sparkes are offering an email support service for all purchasers of “The Snare.”


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