How to Find a Good Used Transmission for Your Vehicle

Every owner of a vehicle or automobile must be aware that engines and transmissions are the most important vehicle parts that can move the vehicles run successfully. But a time will come that these auto parts such as the transmissions need to be repaired or even replaced. Repairing these auto parts cost a lot of money so it is advisable to get a still-in-good condition used transmission from a wrecked car or get one from a transmission shop that specializes in installing used transmissions. Either way, here are some tips you should know when buying a used transmission.

There are ways in finding used transmissions. You can find them by browsing through your phone book for local auto repair shops and searching the internet for websites that are selling second-hand auto parts. You can also look for used transmissions in forums sites dedicated to repairing or selling used auto parts.

When you find the right used transmission for your vehicle, you must first check the mileage before you buy it. Make it sure that the used transmission you are buying is a low mileage transmission, as this is the best indicator if how much life remaining the transmission has. Some salvage yards may have records which will show how much the mileage was on the vehicle the transmission was taken from. You will have to verify the mileage of the transmission yourself if you need to be sure the mileage is right. You can ask for the VIN of the vehicle the transmission is from. Run a mileage verification report with Auto Check or CARFAX. Some of the salvage yard might only have the year of the vehicle, so choose the newest vehicle. If the salvage yard don’t have such vehicle records, it is best to go somewhere else.

Since used transmission comes from a wrecked or damaged vehicle, it most likely has not been road tested yet. The only best way to check a used transmission is to make sure that it runs smoothly when shifting through all the gears. You can do this while the transmission is installed to the vehicle or you can use a transmission test stand. Visual inspection of the transmission is also important. You will need to check for noticeable signs of damage to the transmission such as cracks in the case.

You should consider asking or negotiate for a warranty. Warranties on used transmissions could be confusing and may even include very specific requirements depending on salvage yard or auto repair shop. Many high quality used transmissions will come with a 1 or 2-year warranty, while some may have 90-day warranty.

Buying a used transmission has many drawbacks. Even though when you are dealing with a specialized transmission shop but with not enough knowledge about a transmission type can result in a poor quality transmission repair and installation. However a smart buyer knows how to get what they really want and do it less expensive.


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