How to See Someone’s Name and Address From Their Cell Phone Number

Finding out someones name and address from their cell phone number is one of the most popular problems in the developed world today. Thanks to the lack of a central government wireless directory, many people are in need of people’s details but don’t know where to get them from… until today.

The problem with cell phone numbers is that there’s no central public directory for them. Unlike landlines, the government has not created a directory for cells because of two important reasons. The first is that since cell phones are deemed as being “private” numbers, the government felt it best to not reveal to the World who owns which one. This was a controversial decision, but one which is not changing.

The second reason is that since cell phone details are constantly changing, the government would simply not have enough resources to continually update any directory. Landlines are easy to record because they only change their details once every few years, but mobile phone ownership information & locations are always changing, making any directory have to be constantly updated a few times a week.

Although the lack of a central mobile phone directory is annoying, it’s not a problem any more because there are several Internet companies which have provided an even better service. Companies such as Intelius and Reverse Phone Detective now allow you to quickly find anyone’s details just from their phone number, by typing the number into their website.

These sites are known as reverse cell phone lookup sites, and are extremely popular. They work in a very clever way, by using public records to reveal such information as someones name and address from their cell number. Public records are basically small packets of information the government creates for you at times such as when you are born and when you are applying for a loan. They are freely available for the public to see and you can purchase them for a fee. These reverse phone companies buy up millions of these records which contain cell information, and then put it into a central database which you can search from their site.


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