Ilearningglobal – All You Need to Know About This Business Income Opportunity and Achieve Success

iLearning Global launched in mid March 2009 after Brian Tracy joined the executive team as Chief Learning Officer. Many remarkable speakers, authors and trainers followed him to develop the most recognized online resource facility to date.

iLearning Global focuses on continuous learning and believes genuine success comes by increasing your worth and investing in yourself through education.

iLearningGlobal Products:

The company provides an online learning centre for personal development and business success. One of the commonly known greatest success principles is “to learn from the experts as you’ll never live long enough to learn it all yourself”. iLearningGlobal has taken this principle and delivers over $3 million worth of valuable content delivered by world leading authorities in business excellence.

Access to their increasing library of videos, audios and ebooks by award-winning masters in their field is available through 3 different forms of membership: Stanadard, Premium and Edge Program. These memberships range from $79.95 to $179.90 per month and the topics include personal development, communication, business, finance and relationships.

iLearningGlobal Business Income Opportunity:

This business income opportunity appeals to those who understand the benefit of education and support the concept of continuous learning. To succeed in any business, I personally believe you must be a “product of the product” i.e. you need to personally be willing to consume the products in order to legitimately share the benefits they offer with others.

Personal development and success are fast growing trends and i Learning Global positions itself as being able to present this information in a way that will alter the way people learn forever and at a price point many can afford. Kudos to i Learning Global for allowing many who weren’t in a financial situation previously to acquire the necessary education!

Since the commission and bonus amounts paid by i Learning Global are fairly small, the secret to success lies in getting to the masses. Anyone getting involved in the business should consider a strategic marketing plan that encompasses a lead generation marketing system to generate sufficient highly targeted online leads.

iLearningGlobal Compensation Plan:

Marketers are paid through 3 forms of income: commissions, bonuses and residual income.

Standard Membership commission is paid to 7 levels deep from 3% – 7% per month, per membership (a minimum number of members is essential at each level).

For personally sponsored Premium Memberships a monthly commission of $20 is earned by the qualified marketer.

Commission on a monthly EDGE Membership is $25 per month for the qualified marketer and $350 once-off for annual membership. Additional bonuses flow up the sponsor chain.

A monthly Ambassador Bonus of an additional 3% is earned for 6 generations, when specified monthly group volumes are reached by an iLearningGlobal marketer.

Finally a Profit Sharing Ambassador Pool of up to 2% of the company’s total monthly revenue is equally shared amongst those marketers who have achieved specified monthly total group volumes.

After doing thorough research, it seems to me that the iLearning Global business income opportunity is legitimate and rewarding – I see no sniff of a scam.

The only suggestion I can make to those who are considering this opportunity or already involved is to implement a highly effective lead generation marketing strategy to compliment your business efforts and attract sufficient top quality online leads to reach adequate volume, thereby improving your chances for success in iLearningGlobal and ultimately your income potential.


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