Setting the Record Straight – Philip Stein Teslar Watches and Frequency Technology

Every day, it seems we hear about a new product that claims to do something to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.  It could be a new drug, an easy and delicious way to lose weight, a faster computer, or a more fuel efficient car.  But thanks to the overwhelming number of marketing messages we see and hear on a daily basis, it’s hard to take all the claims seriously.  Like they say, you can’t believe everything you read, right? 

Well this is how I felt about Philip Stein Teslar watches, especially after they started receiving so much positive media coverage early on.   For awhile there, it seemed like every time I picked up a fashion magazine or tuned into Oprah, they were talking about the stylish beauty and amazing health benefits of Philip Stein watches.  Forgive me, but the skeptic in me comes out whenever I hear nothing but positive stories about a product.  After all, I told myself, if these watches were so amazing, then wouldn’t everybody own one already? 

That’s when I decided to test the claims made by Philip Stein.  Apparently, I was conducting my research at the same time that many “scammer” web sites were conducting theirs, but I will get back to that later. 

My mission was to prove or disprove the following statements:

  • Philip Stein watches use Single Frequency and Multiple Frequency Technology to change the electromagnetic field of the wearer and give them a pervasive sense of calm, better sleep and increased mental awareness.
  • Multiple Frequency and Single Frequency technology will both accomplish the same goal in Philip Stein watches, which is to replace the negative extra-low frequencies (ELF) commonly associated with electronic pollution with the same frequencies that are present when the brain is at rest, or in a state of optimal performance (7-9Hz). 

Well, I hate to make my research sound overly simplistic, but I thought it would be most effective to go out and buy a genuine Philip Stein and test these theories out for myself, rather than rely on unsophisticated methods like reading the latest snake-oil-scammer blogs.  Turns out, this was by far the most convincing method.  Not only was I able to find out first hand that these watches live up to their claims, I got myself a beautiful new watch in the process – one that looks great on my wrist while keeping stress at bay. 

I was relieved to learn later that all the “Teslar scam” sites were basing their opinions on a combination of ignorance (they’ve never seen nor worn one of the real watches), or frugality (they bought a watch that they thought was a real Teslar, but it turned out to be a replica.  I guess that’s what happens when bloggers fail to check their facts. 

Do yourself a favor and check out the facts for yourself at


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