The Enigma of the Mysterious Men in Black, Part 5

Have the real Men in Black finally been revealed?

You’ll find many fascinating accounts in Jenny Randles’ book The Truth Behind Men in Black, many of which I’ve used as references in this five-part article. So here’s one last account that just might blow the lid off the whole Men in Black extravaganza — if we’re lucky.

There is a man who believes he has actually uncovered exactly who these mysterious MIBs are, at least the faction that is in the United States. Bill Moore is a UFO researcher who claims that he has somehow penetrated the Pentagon and other sources as well, plus he has searched through evidence that has been disclosed by the USA’s Freedom of Information Act, although I’m sure the highest levels of information were not disclosed. The government would never cut its own throat like that.

Nevertheless, he believes that the government took on the elaborate guise of the Men in Black in order to proceed with their nefarious actions. He uncovered that there existed a covert unit that continually covered its tracks by changing its name and often it’s location, at least since the early 1950s. On the surface, what may appear to have been several different branches of the government that were created and then later discontinued, over the last several decades, may have actually been only one group that persevered through several incarnations, a covert group which was quite possibly what we call Men in Black. According to Bill Moore, its first incarnation begin around 1950 or so, first called the 1006th Intelligence Squadron. In 1959 it used the cover name of 1127th Field Activities Group. Then in the latter half of the 1970s it went through another transformation and became the 7602 Air Intelligence Group. Finally, in 1983 it was known as the AFSAC, or Air Force Special Activities Center. Currently, this division is still functioning and is under the command of the Air Force Intelligence faction at Kelly Air Force Base in Texas.

Bill Moore reports that this group essentially collects or confiscates intelligence and evidence from obvious witnesses of UFO and related phenomena, usually by coercion, hence via covert means, as opposed to more mainstream methods such as by electronic sources or research from hardcopy material. Evidently, agents from the AFSAC (or via its other names it has used over the years) disguise themselves as ominous dark-clad men to harass these witnesses into turning over any evidence and then by threatening them, they keep silent. Certain evidence states that these agents travel in threes, which corroborates with similar reports.

The eccentric and awkward nature of these mysterious Silencers, perhaps something out of comic books or science-fiction movies, was obviously intentional, so that if witnesses ever spoke about them, others would perceive them as wacked-out crackpots, hence debunking their claims as eyewitnesses of any UFO phenomena. And that’s another ingenious factor of the US government’s UFO cover-up. This makes sense because Bill Moore also purports that the AFSAC commonly recruited unusual people, anywhere from burglars to ex-cons, and masters of disguise, and all sorts of odd characters from all over the country, then trained them to do the dirty work of this covert agency.

But what I find really interesting is, as Bill Moore says, that the AFSAC didn’t just concoct this clever charade to hassle people on their own — they borrowed these bizarre ideas from another source. That’s right, folks! From the beginning, they were inspired by strange reports of mysterious men wearing black, particularly in the days following the 1947 Roswell incident, and continuing on into the 1950s. He also states that the AFSAC had nothing to do with these earlier MIB incidences, but that they were merely using these rumored accounts as inspiration for their own agenda to send men out in strange disguises to intimidate people. So if the AFSAC, and its other incarnations and counterpart agencies in other countries, such as Great Britain and Australia, was essentially second generation Men in Black, or blatant copycats, then exactly who were these earlier original dark-suited intruders that government men later merely imitated? Hmmm. I’d say the carpet was yanked beneath our feet once again, folks!

So we still have a big mystery here, and it keeps evading us. These original Men in Black couldn’t have been hallucinations if numerous witnesses were approached by them. They couldn’t have been mere fabrications if what the various witnesses reported were clear consistencies: dark-suited men with dark glasses usually, often wearing outdated clothing, driving up in black sedans, coming in teams of three, with unusual mannerisms and awkward ways of speaking, and so on.

Another interesting fact is that both Great Britain and the USA, and even Australia, have similar government units that may be cover operations for Men in Black. While Great Britain has such outfits as DSTI (Directorate of Scientific and Technical Intelligence, as Jenny Randles suggests), and DI 55 (a defense intelligence department), then the USA has the AFSAC. Incidentally, since there have been UFO reports out of Russia too, does it mean the KGB has their own Men in Black? Something to look into. Also, these secret facilities are clearly where high-level files are concealed by top security management so that the public cannot access them. Only low-level information over the years has been released, and this is usually items that we hear from UFO eyewitnesses anyway. So in my opinion, these agencies aren’t giving us any new data.

I would like to know if anyone has ever had the guts to fight back at these mysterious intruders or to capture one or more of them. And have there been any defectors of this covert government operation, if that’s what it is? That is, covert agents or recruitees who began to realize that what they were doing to innocent people was totally inappropriate and unconstitutional, and then decided to quit this covert operation, to either go public with the classified information, or to totally disappear for safety sake, lest his fellow agents try to stop him — by whatever means possible, even assassination. I haven’t heard anything like this personally, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, because perhaps these Silencers will even silence their own if they get out of hand or try to disclose top-secret information to the public.

Incidentally, with this very idea in mind, I have written a story called “Renegade from the Shadows,” and you can find it listed on my web page, R. R. Stark’s Strange and Curious Stories, if you go to the appropriate link below.

So, have we really learned anything new here? Or are we left with the same old questions as before, and are there any new questions? I would sure like to hear some new answers for a change. The way I see it, the more I research the Men in Black mythology, it seems there are always far more questions than there are answers. Isn’t that the typical pattern with all conspiracies and cover-ups?


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