The Human Factor

The state of perpetual inequality that exists today has incensed millions of Americans. The harsh realities of life have been completely oblivious to a government and certain individuals that could make a difference but don’t. They have been existing for the sole purpose of self glorification and self preservation.

The needs of millions of Americans have never been fully realized always driven back by the power structure of self serving bureaucrats. When government does initiate some semblance of relief to ease the economic burdens of so many they do so with so much reservation the end results have always proven pathetic.

The wheels of government continue to move too slow and when they do finally act their actions are mostly self driven. As a consequence the great inequality continues and more Americans will suffer the realities of the already impoverished multitudes.

One cannot help wonder the way things are today will we as a society that has become so disillusioned ever be synonymous with being in harmonious union with each other? When so few control the media, the financial system and even our government our society is controlled not by a democratic process but are being manipulated by a power structure not of our choosing.

Today, the worlds democracies are oligarchy rule. A ruling class elite that has systematically taken control over governments. Unbeknownst to the public they have deceptively maneuvered themselves into positions of power and control. It seems we are powerless in the face of so much aversion to restore the basic principles of our founding.

As long as the divisions continue this oligarchy ruling class will still have a strangle hold over society. We see what is happening with the continued support of Trump and government whose inability to act in implementing the reforms that would alleviate much of the financial burdens that contribute to the inequality of our nation. The divisions that the past Administration caused continues it’s ripple affect reflecting the great divides in our nation today.

There are many discerning questions that need to be resolved. Has our society strayed from the fellowship of man? It is this fellowship that binds us all in harmony with each other, nature and our environment. The human race should have evolved to a point in this time, the 21st century, where the aggressive violent behavior that has existed since Cain slew Able we would have grown intellectually where reason, compromise, and empathy pushes aside our aggressive tendencies. Yet, the world is dominated by aggressive violent acts perpetrated against one another.

When we think about all the wondrous innovations, and inventions that the minds of man has devised humanity does have the ability to push aside the aggressive violent behavior that continues to disrupt mans ability to bring harmony to our world. Sadly, though the will to do so continues to elude many especially those who are in positions to do so. Their the ones that have the availability to influence and educate society in ways to foster the human spirit of good will toward all living things.

Their failure to actively engage their resources for the greater good are profound. When we have certain individuals who control the institutions that could and should be used to make a difference are more inclined to accelerate the status-quo that has continually benefits them. Today’s government is no different.

Human nature has always been linked to the temptations of greed, and lust for materialistic gratification to fulfill a thirst. This happens when they are beneficiaries of money, or have major influence over others. It is this behavior that has penetrated too many in our government and too many of those who have already been beneficiaries of wealth.


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