Cryo-Cell – Cord Blood Banking Information For Parents

What is Cryo-Cell International?

One of the oldest leading umbilical cord blood banking facilities in the United States, this company is based near Tampa, Florida, and is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

What do they do?

This company collects, processes, and stores umbilical blood and placental blood so it can later be used in stem cell transplants.

What is the cost?

The company does not charge clients enrollment fees. Parents do not pay until their child’s cord blood is received at the Tampa facility (a courier service is used to deliver the umbilical blood after birth; no additional fee is charged for this service).

New and returning clients pay a $1295 processing fee and $100 per year to store the stem cells. This price can be locked in for future children as well. Parents can choose from a variety of payment plans to pay for the cost of cord blood banking over time, much like a car payment.

How many people use them?

More than 185,000 clients worldwide use Cryo-Cell for cord banking.

It’s not easy making the decision to bank your child’s umbilical blood, and depends on your family’s medical history, finances, and other factors. Typically, parents make the decision to do cord baby banking in the first or second trimester of pregnancy, giving them plenty of time to coordinate with the banking facility, hospital or birthing facility, and medical personnel.

Many discounts are available for families considering this potentially life-saving service. Your family may also be eligible for financial assistance.


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