Government Auto Auctions Guide

Government auto auctions are great opportunities to save a lot of money when your budget is tight. Everyone knows that auctions are a bit tricky though, you have to play your cards right, there’s a bit of a strategy to it.

Government auctions are popular because of the quality of the vehicles listed for auction. These auctions typically aim to unload fleet and service vehicles that serve many different Government agencies, staying in service for around 3 to 4 years, they usually have low mileage and a great record of maintenance.

Most Government auto auctions are open to the public, some are kept closed and reserved for licensed pre owned car dealers, and the majority of them get their inventory this way. But most are now open to the public.

There are thousands of these auctions going on throughout the US each week and they’re not that difficult to find. Usually local newspaper will have ads for local auctions.

The easiest way to find Government auctions is to use directory services that gather Government and Police Auctions listings from around the country into one single database that makes it easy to find these locations by zip code. Searching through these databases cuts down the chase of having to contact local Government agencies which usually have a very convoluted system of organizing this type of information.

But where do these vehicles come from? Well the sad truth is that everyday people default on their auto loans, fail to pay taxes or get in trouble for buying property with illegal funds. The Government and various other Law Enforcement Agencies around the country seize and auction off these vehicles to the public mostly to satisfy debts.

The chances of you finding the car you’ve always wanted are endless, since there tens of thousands of vehicles auctioned every month throughout the US.


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