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“Training is opportunity to empower knowledge and install confidence, it is our absolute passion and responsibility”

Jake Findlay, Company Director.

Even the most experienced installers can find themselves requiring support with system installation, but it is all too often that companies distributing such products only take responsibility for their systems up to the point of purchase, after which, any urgency for customer service seems to dissipate.

As a result of this, customers can be waiting hours or sometimes days for the support they need, all this time, phone bills and costs surrounding installer hire are clocking up.

There is only one way to describe how seriously Bunsen Air distributors take the training and technical support of their installers and customers, and that is ‘extremely’!

Priding themselves in their ability to teach and empower installers and distributors with the knowledge and confidence they need to go forward in the installation of new innovative technologies such as the Bunsen Air, the technical support team for the Bunsen Air, see the support they offer their customers as just as important as the sales of their systems.

on the job support

The Bunsen Air distibutors are a Yorkshire based company, and in true ‘Yorkshire spirit’ are there to offer friendly and personal support any time of day.

Equally to their receptive and personal approach, the company also consider how they can save their customers money, by using available information technology to communicate instruction, direction or guidance in the most efficient way possible.

By understanding that when it comes down to the nitty gritty of installation, the last thing their customers want is to be stuck on a line for minutes on end, Bunsen Air have opted to use a method of communication that is reflective of the modern society in which we now live… video and voice communication.

If there isn’t the relevant Bunsen Air installation video already available, then the technical support team will knock one up there and then using a popular phone app. This is sent to the customer via the app or email link which is free of charge. If needs be, the team will call you back and talk you through the video at the same time.

Jake Findlay company Director comments - ”the great thing is, because we have our own Bunsen Air installation on site, we are able to look at any system component at the same time as an installer, and by using video technology, they can mirror exactly what we are showing them to do, support doesn’t get more personal or more efficient than that!”

By realising the potential that implementing the apps and technologies we use every day for communicating with friends and family could have for saving customers money, and time, Infinity Innovations have created a customer service that makes them, friendly, approachable, resourceful and superior in terms of the technical support and customer service offered to their customers.

the training centre

Bunsen Air have a training centre based at their warehouse in Denholme Bradford, in which installers and customers are given heat pump technical support and thermodynamic training, before purchase or installation.

Alongside this, the company can arrange site visits and on the job support, in order to ensure success for first installations.

Jake Findlay company director adds “Training is opportunity to empower knowledge and install confidence, it is our absolute passion and responsibility. By sharing ideas, knowledge and experience, we in turn create valuable skills, and that’s what makes everything we do worthwhile”.

what our customers say

This passion for customer support and training is reflected in some of the fantastic feedback we have had returned…

“Your company is brilliant” - Installer in Scotland

“So unbelievably quick, it was like calling an old friend who had all the time in the world for me - top lads, brilliant support” - Customer in Leeds, Yorkshire

“Fab company, I’ve never been given this level of personal support throughout any installation before” - Installer in Dorset


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