What Is ITIL Training?

ITIL training is a type of training program that many information technology professionals take at some point in their careers. While it is not a required certification for IT professionals, many of them choose to get involved with this type of training because of the extra clout that it can provide them. ITIL is an accepted standard of service that is found in the IT industry. It is designed to provide better service to customers, and to standardize the way that IT professionals do their jobs.

What is ITIL?

ITIL is a comprehensive training method that involves best practices that IT professionals should be familiar with. A big part of training revolves around organizing IT resources effectively, and according to the most efficient method. ITIL also requires IT professionals to document everything that they do, so that it can be referred to at some point in the future. This can be beneficial when something still doesn’t work like it should after an IT professional did some work. The ITIL system is owned and updated by the UK Cabinet Office.

ITIL originally came about because the government of the United Kingdom determined that the IT service that it was receiving was not up to par. Many of the IT professionals working with the government at that time did not do things well enough to meet their customers’ needs. Every IT professional had his own method of doing things, and some were more effective than others. Because of this, the government decided to create a standardized method of handling IT problems so that everyone did it basically the same way. By doing this, clients would know what to expect when it came to getting IT service.

Because of this need, the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency came up with a new framework for information technology professionals. One of the primary purposes of creating this system was so that they could allocate IT resources in the most economical way possible. The first version of this framework came out in the 1990s and it was referred to as the Government Information Technology Infrastructure Management system. Many large companies immediately began to use this system, and it became very popular. It started to become popular in Europe, and eventually made its way over to the United States as well. Since then, a second version of the program was released in 2001, and a third in 2007. There were also a few minor updates to the system in 2011.

Becoming ITIL Certified

Many information technology professionals in the world today still get ITIL certification. While it is not required to work in the field, it does help bolster the IT professional’s resume. In order to become certified, the IT professional has to take a course and an exam. At that point, the IT pro can claim ITIL certification, which can assist him in getting work in the field. Many IT businesses expect their employees to be certified in this discipline, so that they can more easily meet the needs of their corporate clients.

By taking ITIL training, a prospective IT professional will be able to have a much better chance of finding employment in the industry. There are several other certifications and courses that can be taken by professionals, but few carry the weight that ITIL does.


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