What You Didn’t Know About Self Storage In Toms River, New Jersey

Having been named the 14th safest city in the United States by Morgan Quitno Press and the ninth safest city by CQ Press, it’s not a surprise Toms River has been one of the fastest growing communities in all of New Jersey over the course of the last ten years. As the area continues to grow moving forward, residents both new and old can rely on self storage in Toms River, New Jersey to safely warehouse their possessions.

While most of the township is located on the mainland, the Dover Beaches North and South are located on the Barnegat Peninsula. In fact, the city is home to Ortley Beach, Normandy Beach, Monterey Beach, Ocean Beach, Chadwick Beach, and Silver Beach, the city is a major part of the Jersey Shore area. Enjoy all the fun beach life has to offer without cluttering up your garage or basement. Sailboats, jet skis, waterski equipment and all your beach toys can be kept in a local storage unit conveniently located near the beachfront area. All you have to do the morning of beach day is leave home a few minutes early, swing by your self storage in Toms River, New Jersey and you’re ready to enjoy the day in style.

Sports fans might recognize the city as being home to the 1998 winner of the Little League World Series. Area families who enjoy playing sports can keep their gear better organized when they rent self storage in Toms River, New Jersey. Sports run in seasons. If you participate in sports year round you’ve probably discovered how inconvenient it is to have gear you’re not using getting in the way of gear that you are. When you rent a storage unit, you can cycle gear in and out to fit the season. This frees up space in your garage, basement and home, and it also allows you to more accurately assess the condition of our equipment. Repairs and replacements can be made as you discover the need, leaving you ready to go on game day rather than being forced to go to your local sporting goods store.

Toms River has also been home to the “arts.” MTV’s Made and JerseyShore have each filmed scenes in the city. The film The Amityville Horror was filmed entirely in the city. If you’re a burgeoning filmmaker, you can rely on the security of climate-controlled self storage in Toms River, New Jersey to protect all your sensitive gear.

Halloween is a big deal for the community. The city is said to be home to the 2nd largest Halloween parade in the world. If you take your Halloween decorating seriously, renting self storage in Toms River, New Jersey will provide a place for you to keep your décor safe and allow for you a workplace to craft your latest creations.

From sports to beach life to holiday fun, this is a community that provides its residents and guests a wide variety of entertainment activities. If you find yourself drawn to the community, renting a self-storage unit will make your favorite activity more convenient (and by extension even more enjoyable). Call today to speak with a member of our staff for help finding the storage solution that works best for you and/or to make a reservation today.


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