NCAA Basketball 09 Features to Die For

2K gave up the college basketball license and now it’s only EA Sports who’s left playing in this field. Now let’s see what EA Sports has to offer with its NCAA Basketball 09 game. Check out the features of this popular sports game:

Execute your Gameplan

Decide what strategies to execute. You can choose from a list of pre-game strategies. Another tool can help you improve your game – the Game Tempo Meter, which lets you adjust your settings in a jiffy.

Game Engine

You can now use styles of play that authentically college in nature. These include trapping defenses, up-tempo transition game, structured half-court sets – all to make sure that your make the most out of your team’s abilities.

Next-Level Authenticity

NCAA Basketball 2009 for every Division I team, offers styles of play that gives true-to-life experience. Scouting reports (courtesy of the Blue Ribbon(TM) College Basketball Yearbook creators) and authentic team ratings and other features that make gamers feel realistic team tendencies can be expected.

Set the Tempo

According to aficionados of the game, Set the Tempo is the most important gameplay addition to NCAA Basketball 2009. You can choose from these three tempos – Up Tempo, Half Court and Balanced. Either you speed the game up by applying full court pressure, initiate a half-court set through walking the ball up to the floor, or make the most of what your rival gives you with a balanced attack.

Coaching Feedback (Real-Time)

You can also expect more guidance with the help of your school’s coach. There will be real NCAA coaches giving you feedback in real time while on the sidelines.

Rosters Sharing

If you have been playing NCAA Football for quite some time and you have been having the time of your life with names of real NCAA Football teams and players, now you can also have that with your NCAA Basketball 2009. EA offers an online roster sharing feature using its Online Locker, which will let you create a dynasty with a custom roster. However, individuals and companies also offer roster upload services. It’s either you update your game console yourself or pay for these service providers to upload the roster names.

Aside from those above mentioned features, there are still so many features that will make the die-hard fans of NCAA basketball shout for joy. These other features include Rival Challenge, and the ability to upload and save videos to EA Sports World.


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